…and I’m a “foodie”. I love to go out to eat and tell about my experiences at various restaurants.
I am a current college student, working mom of two picky eating boys, and I am always on the look-out for something good and good for my family at a good price.

Fried Green Tomatoes

by The Delish Dish Ingredients: 1 cup of Flour 1 cup of Corn Meal 3 eggs 4 Large Green Tomatoes optional: salt and pepper to taste ketchup and hot sauce for dipping    

What Is This?

I love new foods. I like to try new or exotic flavors and learn about cultural culinary delights, and more often than not, I tend to find something delicious. Sometimes these findings are in the most unexpected places. Over on the North East side of Saginaw, MI… in a seemingly forgotten area, there is a…


Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Burrito ½ cup Grilled Chicken        ¾ Sweet Peppers ½ cup Black Beans              ¾  cup of Sweet Corn ¼ cup of onions ½ cup of Brown rice ¾ cup of Mushrooms *optional ingredients: sour cream salsa guacamole Doesn’t it look delicious? Yes? I thought so, too. So I decided to try to…

Breakfast at the Cafe

Breakfast time at The Court Street Grill  in Saginaw’s Olde Town, is one of the best places in the county to grab a tasty bite for a great price. On this day, my two boys and I decided to stop in to enjoy our early day favorites. We tend to eat here because the atmosphere…